Friday, October 21, 2005

Black October?

I fear that this might be a new "Black" October. Maybe this coming Monday. Check back to see if I was prescient, deluded or both. The reason I say this is one of what I call "netuition". I can feel it from the web.

I stopped at the nearest Starbucks to get my net and cafe fix, ok actually the Valencia sweetened black tea lemonade...mmmmm. Flipped open my Powerbook, signed into Starbuck's paid net.. bummer... and was presented with the news. First my email wanted to sell me some hoodlums or hoodia or a rolex watch. Fine, delete, next.

Ah, Skolnick! Let's see what this conspiracy minded quadriplegic has to say. His consistent rantings are rarely accurate but in this case it is the spirit of the accusations and not the letters. IN ALL CAPS, SKOLNICK IS SCREAMING that Bush and gang are going down legally and the true patriotic generals are finally becoming brave.

Next I catch headlines of large layoffs quickly followed with the great frame-up of Syria. As a backdrop to all this I know that the bankruptcy law went into place. This is going to increase everyone's minimum payment on their charge cards. Throw in the 50% increase in heating gas and a whipped up Wilma and you have the proverbial perfect storm about to wipe the edifice of false patriotism to expose a naked emperor and our Greenscammed economy.

How did we get here? Well my current theory is that our form of capitalism is inherently unsustainable for a nation state. It can only suit a world state. Of course this plays into all the New World Order folks but it is true.

What has always been a battle between the banks and the capitalists has been won by Wall Street and the banks. The quarterly results are the only product that counts. With all of America relinquishing control of their money by "investing" in a mutual fund we have created a massive Wall Street elite that controls trillions. They worship numbers and a quarterly number is evidently very powerful to these worshippers. Now with all our relinquished trillions they buy stock and controlling interests in many corporations.

At this point the company is now basically owned by a bank. Banks are owned by individuals with the largest owned by non-american citizens or ones of dual citizenship. These very wealthy and powerful people routinely flaunt their power and their ability to wage wars, crumble economies, ruin lives, countries, while sodomizing young children and sacrificing at alters all while laughing at the meek. They want the a complete world government. America was in the way. So they planted and invested and steered us to a world of outsourcing, depravity, TV realities, walled off McMansions and contrived terrorists around every corner.

The war in Iraq is going very badly and is extremely expensive. Thankfully, China continues to loan us money. But I thought they used to be our enemy? Hmm, something inside me says this could be a trap.

Well nonetheless the circuses are still going on and I will surely watch the White Sox attempt to win the World Series. Weren't they once branded the Black Sox? Well hold your breath and let's see if we can get past October without a total financial meltdown.

Buy gold.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Buy Gold

Boy is that going to piss off Wall Street and the banks. Gold is very undervalued right now as Greenscam has flooded our country with debt and money. A good friend of mine painted the picture of someone trying to outrun an explosion. Eventually it's going to catch up and I think it is going to be now.

For some reason, ok the reason is October, I always get a chill up my financial spine. Seems like the markets always crash in October. This year the witching date is October 17th or so. This is when the new bankruptcy law goes into effect and the law of unintended consequences is going to rear its ugly head and shake the foundation of those greedy bankers. People, the minimum payment is going up, up, up, up by 50%!! Gas prices are going up, you guessed it 50%! And the government wants us to believe that inflation is very mild! Who's smoking what now???? Oh and doesn't gas count? Buy gold I tell you. If gold gets hot and it is starting to get warm it could potentially double.

Gold is also a good investment is very uncertain times. So, let us take a quick tour of the various realms and vectors that are presenting themselves.

In the geological perspective we have global warming, earthquakes, extreme weather, an overly active sun and Mars drifting closely by. And remember Mars is closely associated with war.

In the biological realm we have genetically modified crops, stem cell and dna codings, asian flu, bird flus, wmd flus, aids, and a diminishing world of bio diversification. Though in the rain forest eradication for good measure too.

In the energy realm we have peak oil, abiotic oil, controlled oil and Iraq oil. And not matter how you suck the oil, Wall Street gets rich and more engorged on petrodollars.

Economically our auto manufacturers are bankrupt, REFCO a major derivatives firm is going under, Fanny and Freddy are very over exposed and the housing/credit bubble is just ticking down, down, down. And our choice of keeping this Ponzi scheme afloat is to run a protection racket creating terrorists so we can force everyone to use US Dollars. Sad, very sad.

Politically our government is completely devoid of ideas, gonads, and truth. They all fear the truth more than maintaining the lie. G-d Bless America? Hello people, G-d is screaming at us to wake up. It is time for America first and not our government first. That is communism. So buy gold and live free.