Friday, July 12, 2013

Biological Bacterial Quorums and Cymatics

Recently as I was driving back from a relaxing visit to mountains and plains of this great ol' USA I happened upon a BBC hour of radio journalism. The topic at hand was the notion of a bacterial quorum. According to the scientists being interviewed, once a quorum of markers were created by the bacteria, they would then grow spikes and commence their attack.

The scientists said that a chemical marker was being produced by the bacteria. When a certain level of these chemical markers existed, the bacteria would then do their harm and attack.

Well this made me think about my last post about smell and resonance. Then I also remembered cymatics. Cymatics is basically the changing geometrical patterns created by vibration on, say, sand. You can watch some of these intriguing patterns and vibrations over at youtube and wikipedia:

Video 1
Video 2

So putting one and one together, I thought of my previous essay on smell and vibration with cymatics as being the engine that makes the bacteria create spikes.

I would suggest that molecules that are created vibrate. Once there are enough molecules the amplitude becomes sufficient enough to resonate the bacteria. This resonation then via cymatics creates the spikes in the bacteria.

If this were to be the case, one could then propose a 3D resonation device to mimic the vibration of the markers and to then phase cancel their vibration. This could be a very non-invasive and safe way to stop the bacteria from attacking.

I would think that this could be a very controlled experiment to actually see if vibration is the engine. Subsequently one could then investigate how vibration could interact with other aspects of the bacteria.

What do you think?

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