Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Solution to the Unites States' Economic Woes

You know there really is a simple solution to our economic woes. And it goes back to the wisdom of our founding fathers.

1) Eliminate the Income Tax (not ifs and or buts here)
2) Tax ALL foreign transactions
3) Eliminate the Federal Reserve
4) Eliminate prohibition
5) Create an Apollo program for alternative technologies
6) Separation of Church, State and Corporation

That is it really. Just think how simple and clean this would be.

1) No income tax so we are all responsible for what we spend.
2) Taxing all foriegn transactions would create a form of protectionism for our workers while the elimination of the income tax would allow individuals the money to chose which product they would purchase based upon quality and not price
3) The Federal Reserve has destroyed our currency, is unconstitutional, causes war, and is privately owned. Enough said.
4) Eliminating prohibition would create a breath of fresh air where people are respsonsible for their own bodies, police would be respected again, real criminals would be targeted and hemp could give us an economic, health, and energy boost as a wonderful crop. All the illiciti cocaine and heroin trade would now be above board, taxable, controllable and would eliminate the corruption of our government officials while depriving black ops funding.
5) An Apollo type program would give our great country an optimistic goal instead of one based upon fear and war. Creativity vs Destruction, Love vs Hate, Freedom vs Fascism, Good vs Evil.
6) Why is it ok to give alms to corporate symbols while the symbols of G-d are torn down?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Et tu Habeas Corpus?!

Now with all these laws comes the old adage of it being a two sided blade. You know,"what is good for the goose is good for the gander" type of thing.

Bush is actually correct in stating that if we lose Iraq we will be in very bad shape andIran, Russia and China will become very powerful. Throw in the EU and who needs the US consumer? Corporations sure don't care.

Anyway, they decided to act on fear and without the citizens input and discourse. So, because of their deep seated OMG COMMUNISTS!!! fear, they make all their decisions based upon fear which is dark. Fear is not of the light, G-d. Thus their secret, evil plans will fail.

Decisions of such importance should have included the republic and been presented in a positive manner. Something along the lines of "People. We can't afford subsidizing your gas with our military. We are looking for ideas, products and timetables to achieve a sustainable independence."

No... they instead made secret decisions based upon fear, spite, revenge and greed thinking it was best for our dumb asses while all the while thinking "We will be great, we would be heroes."

I fear that the only solution that would allow us to regain our respect would be to actually impeach and convict these rascals as traitors. And while we are doing it keep them locked in the brig while the nation contemplates their sentence without a lawyer or themselves in defense.

Then after the financial collapse, we will rebuild this country again based upon the constitution our DNA, again

We do it for our fathers.

- j -

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There's something about banks.

What's with all the Bank Branches.

In my city, the great Windy City of Broad Shoulders, Chicago, I have been noticing an incredible bubble most likely the conceived progeny of the housing and credit bubble instituted by that communist yet private entity the Federal Reserve. What I am referring to is the number of Bank branches that are popping up like mushrooms on every corner of this city.

These bank branches are just little stores with ATMs. No, they are quite nice actually, probably costing upward of at least one to two million dollars each. As I watch them grow everywhere I wonder how are they making all this money that the can afford these million dollar statues of their economic prowess? Well, when I dug a little deeper I find out that they don't really earn it at all.

You see banks are really just legalized larceny and Ponzi schemes all rolled into one. Let me quote the definition of larceny from Wikipedia.org:

"In the United States, larceny is a common law crime involving stealing. Under the common law, larceny is the trespassers taking and asportation of the (tangible) personal property of another with the intent to deprive him or her of it permanently."

Now let me quote the definition of a Ponzi scheme from the above said source:

"A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns ("profits") to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from net revenues generated by any real business."

As I mentioned before, it is quite apparent that this boom in banks is directly related to real estate and to a certain degree credit cards. I am sure they are not generating these huge profits via their lock-box revenue. In fact, I am not so sure these branches even have lock boxes or vaults. Probably they have some little safe that they keep the days cash secure. Cash, that quaint piece of paper that loses its value daily, but I digress.

Is it possible that they are making their money from account fees? Hardly, as most of them are offering "Free" checking and savings. So, where are they making their huge profits then? Well, I can only think of the real estate market, credit cards (for the bigger banks) and of course business loans.

Now the way a bank works these days is that for every $1.00 they actually have they can loan out $100!! It used to be closer to $10 per $100, but, I think I read somewhere, and I am to lazy to research it, that it is now down to about a $1.00. Now, I am sure you have all seen "It's a Wonderful Life" and saw what happened when everyone decides to take out their money at once. They can't. The bank doesn't have it! However, if you don't have it, say for a few months, they can foreclose on your asset. Normally this is your house, home, car, or say your favorite musical instrument. This is where the larceny comes in. They can demand and seize your asset even though they don't have the money to actually cover it.

The Ponzi scheme is the fact that they are taking everyones money and then lending it out. So for instance, for each $1.00 they have they loan out $100 and a compounded interest rate. If you decide to buy a CD, the rate you receive is always less than the rate they will collect when they loan out that CD money at a 100:1 ratio. Couple that with compound interest and you have quite a scam going.

Now to cap off my utter contempt for the banking industry, are bankers themselves. Have you every run into this species? They think so highly of themselves that I get vertigo just looking at them. They think they are geniuses! Oh, they will feign that they are looking deep into your numbers, financial statements, and divining whether you will be able to make the payments, but in fact, if it is a secured loan they really don't care as they will take the property at a greatly reduced rate. I think bookies, and the mob are actually more honest individuals.

This then gets me to my final point. Why don't we all just walk on down to the bank and demand our money at once?! If they don't give it to us, why don't we just take the bank for ourselves? It would be such a nice turn of the tables and we could all then get a real piece of the action at an incredibly reduced price. The sweetness and profitability of it all would be wonderful, most likely legal, and finally profitable for us the common man.

What do you think? Any lawyers out there? How about a viral marketing blitz? We pick a decent sized bank and just do it! Who knows maybe we can cut all our loans in half.

- jimijon

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I have just read a few interesting articles. One was by a French economic and political analysis group and the other was by a technical analysis, stock market, newsletter. Basically what they are all saying is that the next 30 days should be quite interesting. These all happens to coincide with my mood of doom, as in we're freaking doomed!

So let's get specific here. All the major indices and a few stocks that I track are all exhibiting the end of a bear triangle. Basically this is a decreasing zigzag pattern that briefly trends up ever so slightly. When it gets to its peak, it drops precipitously. The French article was bringing along the issue of the Iran problem especially in relation to their new Iranian Oil Bourse. Everyone in the economic blogosphere is commenting on this along with the US's government to stop disclosing the M3 economic number. This is basically an aggregate number of all dollars held here and abroad. The fear here is that the government might have to "moniterize" the debt. This means they will just print the money to pay the debt, now almost all owed to foreigners.

To put the matter succinctly, the US is running a completely unsustainable Ponzi scheme. The only thing we now have to export is US Dollars. The reason the world wants US Dollars is because they need those dollars to buy Oil. The Iran Bourse will allow the world to trade Oil in Euros. This is an economic attack on the US. Thus, just like Iran where Saddam tried to do the same, the US is getting ready to enforce its very lucrative Oil for Dollars program. You want oil? Well we don't take Yens, Yuans, Marks, Pounds, Francs or Euros, only Grade A certified US Cash.

The end game looks pretty bleak to me. Though all this could be avoided if we as Americans decide to put an end to this selfish insanity. All we have to do is elect a third party candidate to take control of the House, Senate and Executive branches of our government. This would surely expose our country to the disinfectant of the light of truth. Then we can go on as a country a little bit dented, but so much stronger, freer, and able to prosper again. The $64,000 party can do all this and we guarantee it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The $64,000 Guarantee!!

$64,000 is such a nice number really. Not very threatening, but surely more than just pocket change for someone like you or me. What can $64,000 get someone? Well a very nice luxury car if that is what floats your boat. It can also get you a down payment on a nice small house or condo. Pay for a child's education or onerous medical bill. Or an opportunity to pay off your debts and start fresh.

What would you do with $64,000?

Well what if I told you, that I will guarantee you $64,000!

That is right guarantee it.

But even better than that I am going to give it to you as 24K gold. Inflation and recession proof, 24 carat gold Baby!

You must now be thinking "He is a total madman, or the greatest living genius since Tesla!"

Want to know something even crazier? You will get it for free. FREE! Not one lousy cent out of the depths of your couch's most inner parts. But Free! Free the sweet sound of Free!!!

But if that this isn't crazy enough, "It's guaranteed!"

Well guess what, that isn't even the half of it! I will give you the answers of JFK's assassination or what goes on at Area51. Yes, I am even guaranteeing you government information that is completely classified!

Preposterous you claim! It must be "Too Good To Be True So It Isn't True" (TGTBTSIIT). Well it isn't. What is even more amazing is that once you say yes to $64,000 you will have the power to completely change the world. Guaranteed.

I could go on, but needless to say, there has to be a catch and so there is a catch.

The catch is simple, you have to be over 18 and be a legal citizen of the United States. That is it.

So let me repeat this to you.

I will guarantee you $64,000 in 24K gold and the answer to any mystery you think the government has knowledge of and for free.

$64,000 and any government secret for free?

You are probably frowning in complete disbelief. Another 419 type scam you say, but, in this case you would be sadly mistaken. Unlike the 419, phishing, and myriad other schemes you may have read or heard about, this is not. In fact this is guaranteed!

Amazing, legal, guaranteed and completely free. You will not have to spend one lonely cent. Yet I am guaranteeing the complete truth of some of the biggest events in US History and $64,000 in pure 24K Gold!

You have nothing to lose, not even a cent. Yet, you could reap an incredible financial and knowledge windfall and set a new direction for prosperity and freedom for you and everyone you know.

So, where were we.... Ah yes, and $64,000 in Gold!

I hope you are asking "Where do I sign up?" as that would an excellent and sensible question. Again, the answer is easy... anywhere in the good Ol' USA. Again simple.

Ok, so you are ready to sign up and change the world and receive all of the above and more? Well then congratulate yourself on making a profoundly great decision.

But first you have to register to vote.

Yes, register to vote, you heard me. This is a very reasonable request and it insures that this offer is only good to voting american citizens. Hey, what can I say, I am a patriot. So go out and register and tell all your friends and family to register too!

Now what you ask? I will tell you what, you have to vote! Aha! That is the reason for it being offered to only voting american citizens. How beautiful is that? I will give everyone an opportunity for $64,000 and greatness just for registering to vote.

Finally, you have to vote for the 64Thousand party!

That is right! The 64Thousand party. You probably have never heard of it until now and that is ok, because, up until now it did not exist. But, if, G-d willing, it does capture the hearts and mind of America, look out. We will once again be able to humbly and peaceably lead by example with effort and grace.

So I ask for your comments now. What would be your plank for a new viable political party? Pass this on and let's see what we can get going.