Friday, November 03, 2006

Et tu Habeas Corpus?!

Now with all these laws comes the old adage of it being a two sided blade. You know,"what is good for the goose is good for the gander" type of thing.

Bush is actually correct in stating that if we lose Iraq we will be in very bad shape andIran, Russia and China will become very powerful. Throw in the EU and who needs the US consumer? Corporations sure don't care.

Anyway, they decided to act on fear and without the citizens input and discourse. So, because of their deep seated OMG COMMUNISTS!!! fear, they make all their decisions based upon fear which is dark. Fear is not of the light, G-d. Thus their secret, evil plans will fail.

Decisions of such importance should have included the republic and been presented in a positive manner. Something along the lines of "People. We can't afford subsidizing your gas with our military. We are looking for ideas, products and timetables to achieve a sustainable independence."

No... they instead made secret decisions based upon fear, spite, revenge and greed thinking it was best for our dumb asses while all the while thinking "We will be great, we would be heroes."

I fear that the only solution that would allow us to regain our respect would be to actually impeach and convict these rascals as traitors. And while we are doing it keep them locked in the brig while the nation contemplates their sentence without a lawyer or themselves in defense.

Then after the financial collapse, we will rebuild this country again based upon the constitution our DNA, again

We do it for our fathers.

- j -

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