Sunday, September 09, 2012



Smell has always intrigued me. The thought of solid molecules navigating their way to me seemed a bit cheeky to me. The way I was taught, small smelly molecules would waft their way towards my nose, politely land on some sensor and trigger my brain. That just seemed wrong. Were there that many particles in such an open area to just land on my tiny nose hair? Or, if there are that many particles, aren't they bumping into the surrounding pressure? How did a few escape out to my tiny unclipped nose hair?

Or for that matter, the fabled sharks smell of blood. One tiny drop of blood instantly triggers a startled and hungry reaction amongst the school of shark miles away.
What molecule smelled of blood? Was it a combo just landing on the sharks nose hair in the right sequence to say... blood! And, how did it navigate the dense set of H2O molecules everywhere? Hmm, this whole molecule landing on a gnats hair is seeming a bit farfetched to this naive mind.

But what could be a different explanation?

Why vibrations of course.

Now I can feel the answer in my heart and see it in my mind. There are no physical/solid molecules. Everything is truly just a vibrational knot. Now when a vibrational pattern is emitted and vibrations are by definition emitting, the surrounding vibrations (atoms), all bounce, dance, and reflect the vibration. Then this sound is spread. It mutates until all definable information is gone.

So I did some basic google research and came up with an interesting TED Talk by Luca Turin. You can see Luca thought like I did and actually proved it! Not the mechanism of all matter being vibration but that the vibrational model is what causes smell.

So, I now have to postulate that there is no such thing as mass! Everything is pure vibration comprised of diffraction patterns, filters, amplifiers, and oscillators.

But this means that there has to be a carrier wave. Of course our elders have speculated about this, i.e., the Aether. Well I have to admit, I think they were right. This theory easily explains away all paradoxes, like the particle wave duality. It also implies that Tesla was definitely onto it, and that the equation E=MC2 isn't quite correct. M is a misnomer as there is no Mass just I as in Information/Geometry.

What do you think?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Socialocracy vs the NSA - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Socialocracy vs the NSA
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Wired has recently written an expose on the funding and building of the world's largest datacenter to collect all phone, email, satellite, and internet transactions in the world.

This has gone a bit viral and of course is causing all kinds of apoplectic reactions to this development. I too became a bit upset until I realized that this is an excellent development. But with one caveat. It has to be given to us in a Socialcratic movement.

Since, we the people are funding this great matrix database, why can't we query it like google? Since they even developed a new nom d'storage called, the Yottabyte, we could even call it simply Yotta! In fact, I see a marriage made in cyberspace, Yotta and Siri!

Just imagine the power the simplicity of this combination! Think of all the terrorists we could ferret out. Heck the whole world could learn anything and everything. Imagine all the porn, insider trading, or dirt we could dish up. Or for those inclined, how about educating ourselves free and clear of the shackles of massive student loan debt.

In one of my other missives I came up with the term Socialocracy. In my opinion the NSA database is perfect my this movement. Let's face it a few Yottabytes among a few friends isn't very effective. However, if you open it up to all of us, our savants can really enjoy themselves. Imagine looking up the real research of Monsanto's devil corn or how Lord Blankfein is doing God's work? Imagine how profitable it could be to monitor the Fed in real time or those high frequency traders at the exchanges?

This database could easily allow us to eliminate almost every alphabet agency and in fact put in into the hands of we the people. We would be able to uncover fraud or sexual tristes in nanoseconds, or for all practical purposes, real time!

The net effect would in fact be complete freedom from tyranny as all those rules and regulations would have to be repealed as those in power would be subjected to the same rules and regulations for the first time in their power hungry times.

So, I say, learn to love it but of course, they must allow us all access. And why not as we have paid for it. Demand the things that you own.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why I don't believe in man made global warming.

Man has only been industrial since the 1800s. The earth has been around for millions if not billions of years. Heck even if it was around for only 6000 years, man has been industrious for a very insignificant amount of time. In that time the planets move, the tides wax and wane and the Sun explodes with energy in the form of coronal mass ejections that travel to the earth and light up our night sky with a flurry of sound, light and motion.

Do you really 'believe' that in only a hundred or so years we have changed the weather so much as to be all powerful over the sun, moon, planets and stars? Let alone volcanoes, tsunamis and forest fires?

Next, get any picture from a satellite. What do you see? You the see the beautiful blue earth. You don't see men or women. Again we are just little ants and to think that our effluence is causing the weather to shift beyond control is like believing the ants are causing their own doom.

Now don't get me wrong. I do believe it is incumbent upon us to clean up after ourselves. It is also a moral and ethical duty to keep our waters clean. After all their are people down river who depend on that water and to ruin it for them is no different than setting their house on fire or to dump shit in their windows, land and streets. This is simple property law to me.

So instead of figuring ways to tax us, regulate us and to enact a world government, why don't we just use common sense and tell those that wish to dump their shit in our air and water that they are in fact destroying my property.

Unleash the Cracken of lawyers to uphold basic private property rights and of course never let Too Big To Sue, Fail, or Print to get in the way.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

NYT again ignores Ron Paul. This is journalism or feminism or what?

This is journalism?

This was another subtle anti-Ron Paul piece. The author quickly brought up Ron Paul. Yet never expounded on why the "libertarian" Paul would oppose abortion??

And then that was it. Not one more bit of analysis. Even though the word libertarian would imply the good doctor would approve of it. So, why does or doesn't he?

I think that Ron Paul is a crow bar opening up peoples heart and soul to liberty, freedom and responsibility. Ron Paul, after delivering many babies might in fact be personally "Pro" choice, but prefers to view the issue framed within the constitution. As such it would be purely a State's issue. In fact, that would allow the country to adopt something closer to their regions culture.

But know, to say this would be to endorse Ron Paul as it would in actuality do more to close the divide then any other solution. People just like to be amongst their own. Why fight it? As every pollster and MSNBCNN watcher knows, the starts are either red or blue. So.... let them. You don't like it here in this state, well you are free to move to the next.

Ron Paul is an incredibly vibrant candidate that is resonating at the right time. For some it is refreshing while for others it is a cognitive dissonant headache. He would do everything they want with actions and not hope.

Keep up the good work doctor!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alchemy, SOPA and High Priests

I was reading about the closing down of an Australian citizen's popular online storage cloud the other day by the US FBI. This was quite soon after the temporary defeat of the SOPA bill. That bill would have made it easier to close down any website vs sending the FBI halfway around the world to do it. Then it dawned on me. This is no different than money! And that is no different then the worshipping of High Alchemical Priests!

Crazy? Whacked? Tin-Foil? Well maybe, but hear me out a bit. As this is all about the blessing of bits.

Today money, media and information are just bits in various computers. In fact there is no difference in the bits. A bit is either on or off. What is important is the blessing of an order of bits and in who's computer is blessed to store this particular set of bits.

Now in the pre-internet days, the high priests would be the only ones who were entrusted with the power to turn key pushes into blessed bits which could then be converted to tangible commodities, items and services. These high-priests were called Alchemists. Most, when they hear the word Alchemist, think of long haired, bearded wizards trying vainly to convert lead to gold. And most would be mistaken. The Alchemists of today are exceedingly happy about the general ignorance the 99.9% have of their profession today.

Thus we have an alchemy that can only be maintained by ignorance. In fact, I would go so far as to say the 99.9999999% have no understanding. Nonetheless they will act in obeisance to enforce the dictum that only the priests are allowed to bless bits.

So now we have two sets of bits that they covet the most. Money bits and media bits. Money bits is quite obvious, but media bits has recently emerged as both and threat and opportunity. Well the threat must be destroyed early and hence the sudden need for SOPA or FBI raids in Australia against those that dare store the unblessed data bits.

It really does conjure medieval and Tolkien imagery.

Ah to be one of the blessed.