Monday, September 14, 2009

My take on the DC Teaparty September 12

It looks like the second american revolution has already begun. And who would ever think that a million regular folk would do it? How many in the media were aware it was even going to happen? Or if they just ignore it, it will all go away? Well it hasn't and it is going to get much bigger... much.

If one journalist on tv would read the comments of the people on any left/right blue/red blog, they would easily discern that America is waking up fast. The irony is that it is being done through education; self eduction. Education via the Internet. Not the propaganda and the dumbing down they teach at schools. This is the real thing and the kids are being raised with it. This revolution is easily predicted. The precedent was set before. Has not anything been learned by history and in particular the aftermath of the Guttenberg Press?

Then it was the preachers, kings, teachers, and priests of yore, telling folks the history, facts, insights, and rules. Well the TV set is just like them. Now suddenly people are reading for themselves the history, facts, insights, math, energy, opinions and bloggers. This is a revolution and it is happening now. Just like then people are waking up to a new enlightenment. And this enlightenment is very threatening just like in the past.

This enlightenment frightens those in power. Healthcare is just the media scapegoat. Downplay the stand for liberty, freedom, savings, and responsibility and instead try to make it a race, "don't know", class thing. The media is wrong.

For sure, it the health care issue has been a lightening rod for all that is anti-big-government and of course for all those who have no job and no future. Combine lax immigration with an outsourcing of dirty manufacturing jobs and you have a whole large swath of permanent poor. Yet government grew and grew with various agencies to protect and spy on us. To threaten and scare us. To shake us down.

Too big to fail government and too big to fail banks all growing bigger. Well if this does not smack of hubris, I don't know what does. And that always ends badly.

Meanwhile our leadership is absolutely clinically deluded and insane. Our free markets are completely regulated and rigged. And our banks a proven fraudulent ponzi scheme to take our earned wealth. To think this will all pass if we wait long enough is insanity. We need $200Billion a month as a loan when our interest has gone exponential on us.

All the power structures are coming unglued. This is both wonderful, natural and downright scary. There will be another revolution because we are currently in it now! The internet has grown amazingly and historically fast to feed information to almost every mind in this world. Another example of the free unregulated market at its finest.

Through in the movement of the last 20 years towards a communist based system with that of the fiercely growing libertarian movement and you will see some friction.

However, when our children, leaders, neighbors and peers start to read our history it all points to one document. The DNA of our country, the constitution. And that idea, that piece of paper, threatens the powers more than any thing else.

The next three years are going to be historic.

Peace and god bless,
- j-