Monday, August 24, 2009

My version of election reform

I thought.

Why don't we rethink voting. Why does it have to be the way it is. It really isn't working anymore. Only those with
the most money win. Well at least about 80% (totally made up number).

Money is one of the main variables in getting elected. Who has the money? Well it has been systematically taken
from the middle and lower classes and funneled to the top. This is something I have railing about for some time.
The money is then showered upon a chosen candidate, thus assuring future control.

But how does one reform voting without reducing the impact of money? All the usual methods go against free
speech. But, that doesn't mean we can't change the definition of winning an election? There is nothing in our
constitution that says the one with the highest number of votes win. So instead of staying in this election box
we have just stepped out of it.

Why don't we just divide the number of votes by the amount of money spent? This would make things very interesting,
very democratic, and would lead to some great opportunities for the electorate.


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