Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Origins of Socialocracy


I have been doing a lot of thinking about governance, markets and finance.

My gut is feeling very upset these days. I feel that the apocalypse is real. If one understands that the greek root means unveiling, things become clear.

The Internet has stripped off the veils of all corruption, conspiracy, power, money, realities, politics, religion, war, pharma, oil, bio, nano and genetic.

Everywhere we look deeply it all seems so corrupted.

Meanwhile the Internet blasts change all over the world. It has obsoleted and birthed many industries. A wonder of pure anarchic freedom expressed by the worlds people. New wealth created, optimism and imaginations ignited. A real world example that disproves the one last fear... anarchy.

Then came WikiLeaks. Heroic in bravery, it published the communications of the noble class. The plotting, planning, gossiping world of the elite acting their charade of managing the people.

But WikiLeaks was a big dump of information. There was also a big dump of information from the Federal Reserve forced onto that bastion of satan by a meek little ol' doctor.

I remember a movie where Gene Hackman represented a little guy against a big auto manufacturer in a court case. In came the suits followed by laborers to dump hundreds of boxes of evidence hiding the one needle of a smoking gun. And like that movie even the one reference to the document was changed!

Again the Internet comes to the rescue. Suddenly savants and saints alike started pouring through the pages and exposing needles upon needles of delicious hay. Crowd sourcing with a goal. A goal of governance.

Next we move to the current Mid East revolutions and uprisings. Through Facebook, the students and people communicated atrocities and strategies alike, countering the din of monotonous propaganda.

Soon news of an immolation by a simple young man just wanting to earn a simple living spread through the land. Keystrokes later a revolution bloomed. Black swans gathering into an apfrockalypse from over the hedge.

The old way of governance is decaying in obsolesce while a new form of governance is being born before our eyes. I call it Socialocracy. May I dare say a true challenger? The true light and wave of communication.

But to name something is to control or own something. And to own is to be responsible.

A Socialocracy is where the rules are simple, the data free and open, and the people do the regulating. Not the voting but the regulating. Yes there is voting and elections, but the regulation thereof, by the people and for the people.

What would this mean?

With open information, the rich might start to feel foolish hoarding a billion a year from the interest they charge the sheep.

Regulatory agencies and the alphabet soup of their delusions... eliminated.

But of course this will be resisted. Why? The main reason is that all the laws would have to be changed. It would become clear that a nobility existed exempt from the laws. This could cause embarrassment for those who believe that the US is not a monarchy.

Anyway, I will explore this later in future writings but wanted to get this out onto the social net in a hurry.



G-Hog-Chi said...

If I understand it correctly - way cool! This is a much more real democracy than just voting for executives or legislators - it's less susceptible to powerful interests able to buy elections - *cough*Rahm*cough*.

Just being me. Are you being you? said...

Yes. It puts the regulatory part of our country in our hands, the people's hands. YELP on steroids for true democratic regulation ensuring the laws are equal again.

Anonymous said...

Just read your synopsis on ZeroHedge- excellent thought experiment.

The thing is, it is coming, inexorably, as day follows night. The "Internet Reformaition" (thanks to Anthony Wile at Daily Bell for the term) is reaching adolescence, and will soon rebel against its' parents.