Sunday, March 13, 2011


Socialocracy Continued

As the above link will show, people are starting to both understand and think about what they can do about this feeling of unjustness. What I am trying to develop is the where, in the words of the inimitable Steve Jobs, "the hockey puck is going." It seems to me that to just bring down the oligarchs of finance is not enough. It is just a battle. Yes it is a very important battle but it is just a tactic. In order for the war to be won we must have a strategy and a goal.

That is why I have come up with Socialocracy.

It is far time that we, in the United States, end this dual oligarchy of Republican and Democrat. I have seen and read so many times where people would immediately dismiss the other because of their preference for the label. This only serves the master and keeps the peasant fighting and distracted amongst themselves. What is needed is a non-co-opted third party to emerge. The Tea-Party was a start but failed immediately once it decided it needed to align with Republicans. It was quickly co-opted by the powers in that party. Of course, any progressive or democrat immediately hated them and called them racist.

The master won that battle.

What Socialocracy does is cut through the tendrils that keep the dual system intact. Not unlike a binary star system. Socialocracy cuts this tendril like a hot knife through butter, easily and without much effort.

The core tenet of Socialocracy is that regulation is pushed to the people. Enforcement will move back to the judicial system. Yet even the judicial system will be under the regulatory purview of the people.

Let us take a favorite pet peeve of mine, law. In the corrupted state of Illinois, one has to go to law school to even take the bar exam. This, the land of Lincoln! With this rule alone, would Lincoln have ever become the great, statist, fascist president? Of course not, but then again, that might have been a good thing.

Now before all you people declare me a racist, remember, slavery was abolished in almost all countries without a civil war. But then again, was it really slavery? Or was it economics? Anyway, I digress.

The point being is why couldn't I just study on my own and pass the bar exam. Heck, I think I would be more impressed and ready to give a lawyer my business who did study and pass it on his own. This shows dedication, discipline and heart.

But no! That would not do. The state and their institutions need to "control" and of course need to enslave via debt. How much would it cost to go to law school? And, supposedly, if I wanted to get a job at a "prestigious" law school, I would have to go to a really expensive law school. Thereby enslaving me with student loans of which the bankers and the state say I can go bankrupt on and would have to pay off till I die.

Obviously this is corrupt. Now some would say, this ensures that they are prepared. Then what is the bar exam for?

In a Socialocracy, enabled by the Internet. We have a very equitable solution. Let the market rate and publish! This type of governance can only be possible with the easy dissemination of information. The Internet makes this possible. This is like fractals in math. Without computers, fractals would never have become the science they are now.

We seem to have no problem understanding the effect of technology on things and science, but when it comes to governance, everyone seems to become blind. However, the free anarchic marketplace has created solutions that clearly work, i.e. YELP.

Now we just need to realize that the opportunity for a new renaissance stares us in our soul. Again, thanks to a completely free system, at least for now, of the Internet.

This also disproves the notion of anarchy and in a strange way entropy.

That is it for now.

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