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Smell has always intrigued me. The thought of solid molecules navigating their way to me seemed a bit cheeky to me. The way I was taught, small smelly molecules would waft their way towards my nose, politely land on some sensor and trigger my brain. That just seemed wrong. Were there that many particles in such an open area to just land on my tiny nose hair? Or, if there are that many particles, aren't they bumping into the surrounding pressure? How did a few escape out to my tiny unclipped nose hair?

Or for that matter, the fabled sharks smell of blood. One tiny drop of blood instantly triggers a startled and hungry reaction amongst the school of shark miles away.
What molecule smelled of blood? Was it a combo just landing on the sharks nose hair in the right sequence to say... blood! And, how did it navigate the dense set of H2O molecules everywhere? Hmm, this whole molecule landing on a gnats hair is seeming a bit farfetched to this naive mind.

But what could be a different explanation?

Why vibrations of course.

Now I can feel the answer in my heart and see it in my mind. There are no physical/solid molecules. Everything is truly just a vibrational knot. Now when a vibrational pattern is emitted and vibrations are by definition emitting, the surrounding vibrations (atoms), all bounce, dance, and reflect the vibration. Then this sound is spread. It mutates until all definable information is gone.

So I did some basic google research and came up with an interesting TED Talk by Luca Turin. You can see Luca thought like I did and actually proved it! Not the mechanism of all matter being vibration but that the vibrational model is what causes smell.

So, I now have to postulate that there is no such thing as mass! Everything is pure vibration comprised of diffraction patterns, filters, amplifiers, and oscillators.

But this means that there has to be a carrier wave. Of course our elders have speculated about this, i.e., the Aether. Well I have to admit, I think they were right. This theory easily explains away all paradoxes, like the particle wave duality. It also implies that Tesla was definitely onto it, and that the equation E=MC2 isn't quite correct. M is a misnomer as there is no Mass just I as in Information/Geometry.

What do you think?


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