Monday, March 19, 2012

Socialocracy vs the NSA - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Socialocracy vs the NSA
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Wired has recently written an expose on the funding and building of the world's largest datacenter to collect all phone, email, satellite, and internet transactions in the world.

This has gone a bit viral and of course is causing all kinds of apoplectic reactions to this development. I too became a bit upset until I realized that this is an excellent development. But with one caveat. It has to be given to us in a Socialcratic movement.

Since, we the people are funding this great matrix database, why can't we query it like google? Since they even developed a new nom d'storage called, the Yottabyte, we could even call it simply Yotta! In fact, I see a marriage made in cyberspace, Yotta and Siri!

Just imagine the power the simplicity of this combination! Think of all the terrorists we could ferret out. Heck the whole world could learn anything and everything. Imagine all the porn, insider trading, or dirt we could dish up. Or for those inclined, how about educating ourselves free and clear of the shackles of massive student loan debt.

In one of my other missives I came up with the term Socialocracy. In my opinion the NSA database is perfect my this movement. Let's face it a few Yottabytes among a few friends isn't very effective. However, if you open it up to all of us, our savants can really enjoy themselves. Imagine looking up the real research of Monsanto's devil corn or how Lord Blankfein is doing God's work? Imagine how profitable it could be to monitor the Fed in real time or those high frequency traders at the exchanges?

This database could easily allow us to eliminate almost every alphabet agency and in fact put in into the hands of we the people. We would be able to uncover fraud or sexual tristes in nanoseconds, or for all practical purposes, real time!

The net effect would in fact be complete freedom from tyranny as all those rules and regulations would have to be repealed as those in power would be subjected to the same rules and regulations for the first time in their power hungry times.

So, I say, learn to love it but of course, they must allow us all access. And why not as we have paid for it. Demand the things that you own.

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