Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Solution to the Unites States' Economic Woes

You know there really is a simple solution to our economic woes. And it goes back to the wisdom of our founding fathers.

1) Eliminate the Income Tax (not ifs and or buts here)
2) Tax ALL foreign transactions
3) Eliminate the Federal Reserve
4) Eliminate prohibition
5) Create an Apollo program for alternative technologies
6) Separation of Church, State and Corporation

That is it really. Just think how simple and clean this would be.

1) No income tax so we are all responsible for what we spend.
2) Taxing all foriegn transactions would create a form of protectionism for our workers while the elimination of the income tax would allow individuals the money to chose which product they would purchase based upon quality and not price
3) The Federal Reserve has destroyed our currency, is unconstitutional, causes war, and is privately owned. Enough said.
4) Eliminating prohibition would create a breath of fresh air where people are respsonsible for their own bodies, police would be respected again, real criminals would be targeted and hemp could give us an economic, health, and energy boost as a wonderful crop. All the illiciti cocaine and heroin trade would now be above board, taxable, controllable and would eliminate the corruption of our government officials while depriving black ops funding.
5) An Apollo type program would give our great country an optimistic goal instead of one based upon fear and war. Creativity vs Destruction, Love vs Hate, Freedom vs Fascism, Good vs Evil.
6) Why is it ok to give alms to corporate symbols while the symbols of G-d are torn down?

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