Sunday, February 26, 2006


I have just read a few interesting articles. One was by a French economic and political analysis group and the other was by a technical analysis, stock market, newsletter. Basically what they are all saying is that the next 30 days should be quite interesting. These all happens to coincide with my mood of doom, as in we're freaking doomed!

So let's get specific here. All the major indices and a few stocks that I track are all exhibiting the end of a bear triangle. Basically this is a decreasing zigzag pattern that briefly trends up ever so slightly. When it gets to its peak, it drops precipitously. The French article was bringing along the issue of the Iran problem especially in relation to their new Iranian Oil Bourse. Everyone in the economic blogosphere is commenting on this along with the US's government to stop disclosing the M3 economic number. This is basically an aggregate number of all dollars held here and abroad. The fear here is that the government might have to "moniterize" the debt. This means they will just print the money to pay the debt, now almost all owed to foreigners.

To put the matter succinctly, the US is running a completely unsustainable Ponzi scheme. The only thing we now have to export is US Dollars. The reason the world wants US Dollars is because they need those dollars to buy Oil. The Iran Bourse will allow the world to trade Oil in Euros. This is an economic attack on the US. Thus, just like Iran where Saddam tried to do the same, the US is getting ready to enforce its very lucrative Oil for Dollars program. You want oil? Well we don't take Yens, Yuans, Marks, Pounds, Francs or Euros, only Grade A certified US Cash.

The end game looks pretty bleak to me. Though all this could be avoided if we as Americans decide to put an end to this selfish insanity. All we have to do is elect a third party candidate to take control of the House, Senate and Executive branches of our government. This would surely expose our country to the disinfectant of the light of truth. Then we can go on as a country a little bit dented, but so much stronger, freer, and able to prosper again. The $64,000 party can do all this and we guarantee it.

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