Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Corporate Cynicisms

I was looking at site when I noticed a picture of some Malaysians walking down a downtown type street with air masks on due to the amount of "haze" in the air. Right there and then it hit me. The corporates have finally achieved capitalistic nirvana. They can sell you the air you breathe! Now, mind you it isn't exactly the air, but its even better... it's the old razor and blade trick. They have to now buy air masks with changeable filters. Plus think of the possibilities, pink masks, blue masks, rainbow masks, even iMasks with built in music players. Isn't progress great?

They already have programmed us for water. Such a simple and insidious plan. Pollute the waters and air and then sell it back filtered. Amazing, and we just love it too. We can't seem to buy enough of these bottles. Filtered water from Fiji?!, Hawaii, even New Jersey. A few more years of burning oil everywhere is sure to make the filter companies eager with anticipation.

Like I always said, "If you can't make money with it, make it illegal." Maybe I now should add, " or pollute it."

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