Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ramblings on the universal theory of everything

The Internet resembles the universe. It opens up like a vast array of shining, information stars just waiting to be seen. In fact it is quite useless and invisible to those who have never experienced it. What counts is the effort to search the Internet. This little fact sprang a fun little metaphor reverberating in my brain. It's not what is there but what you are looking for that matters. In other words we need to physically exert energy to search the Internet for it vibrate anything. The metaphor to me is that waves are definitely sucked and not pushed. While particles are all pushed diescretely. Hey I had to type this in letter by letter!

So how does this fit with mind, body, spirit and cash? Mind starts the sucking, the spirit is the medium, the body is the storage and the cash the information.

It all just fits.

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