Monday, August 09, 2004

Red Alert Here?

Why would the terrorists want to hurt us here again? I say they would not because they already have us where they want us. They have lured us into too many traps where we cannot win. Our occupation of Iraq is illegal at best and at worst the low moral ground. Is G-D really on our side here?

The terrorists are winning the war. War is not a battle but at the least a series of battles and we the United States of America of decided to start World War III. Now that this great war has started I suggest that the terrorists are smart enough to know that the way to defeat a New World Order America is to hit it economically. It is no secret that America has been enjoying a 30 year ponzi scheme of profits to the financial and legal classes. We have incurred a massive and systemic debt.

This debt could be serviceable based upon us gaining control of the oil assets of Iraq. If the world is to continue growing and inflating, then there better be oil. Well, unfortunately for us, our "misappropriating" leaders have led us completely astray without truth or thoughtful discourse on the issue of oil, control and future growth.

The terrorists will just keep beating us every single day. Drip drop, drip drop, drip drop, drip drop of our neighbor's blood spilt on the faraway lands of our brothers. This incessant killing will be their psyops. The destruction and sabotaging of the various pipelines will be their awe and destruction. Each day absent from the markets forcing prices up up up. Our economy down, down, down. Oh what is that I hear? Red Alert Red Alert.

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