Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nothing left but to sue

After looking at the latest trade deficit numbers and thinking through the issue of all our manufacturing being outsourced I came to the conclusion that another force is at play here and it is a fascist force. It is the force that has our corporations demand that all intellectual property be licensed into perpetuity.

America has lost its core values due to the overwhelming need for greed practiced by our corporations. Since we no longer manufacture anything substantial for export our corporations have instead decided to sue for ideas, concepts, music, everything. I wonder how far into my thoughts can they go before declaring me illegal and thusly fined?

Well all I can say is that there is a true revolution brewing out there. In fact I believe it could be the seed that germinates into a wonderful renaissance. The seed is the musings of the Open Source Software movement. Here a community of developers come together to develop software. The fruits of this volunteer labor is some of the most advanced and productive software in the market, and it is free as in free beer.

Long live for the love it.

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