Thursday, November 04, 2004

Good Morning America

"Well its all over now and the crying has just begun." I don't remember who said that or who to attibute it to, but, the fact remains that one half of our country is cryting today. However, I believe that in the next 4 years our whole country will be crying. No I did not vote for Kerry nor did I vote for Bush but I did vote. Why did I not vote for either?

Our country is being bankrupted pure and simple. Democracy has not won. Capitalism has won. It is destroying the world selling the ropes to hang us all to paraphrase Marx. Soon, shrub will ask to increase the debt cieling. Greenscam is inflating the money supply to mind boggling levels. The dollar is about to collapse. And yet, the corporations and government think China is our ally. Wow, are we that stupid?

The central banks have prevented the collapse of our great country for the last four years or so. Eventually they will not be able to raise or lower rates. They are stuck. A systemic collapse will happen.

As was once stated in a movie long ago the new mantra should be ... Gold. Buy Gold!

Cry all you want now, but unless you doing something real to protect yourself you will have no right to cry later.

Oh one last thing, pray to G-d. G-d will listen and give you what you need. However, with George constantly referencing G-d's name in vain as he kills with his reptilian bloodlust, well, one has to wonder if the pope is correct and that George is actually the anti-christ.

G-d help us all and of course, G-d Bless.

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