Monday, May 16, 2005

TV or your Kids?

I was reading one of my favorite wackos on the net. A person that goes by the name of Joe Vialls. Anyway, he posed a very interesting question. If you had a choice, would you throw away your TV's, CD, DVDs, etc., or your children?

You know one needs to really think about this. This is not such a frivolous or purely rhetorical question. We are sending our children and the children of others to death every day. Why, because of our TV's, CD's, DVDs.,etc. It is perverse reality.

On a purely logical level, if we didn't have these devices we certainly wouldn't need all the energy and oil we currently consume. So the asset wars of gaining control over natural resources wouldn't seem to be so necessary. This might appeal to the Luddite in us. I admit to being guilty of having that deep seated desire to see all the lights go out. Suddenly, George and I would be completely equal. What good is money when the all the computers can't be turned on? Oh, and your getting hungrier and hungrier. Would you sell you children for food?

Then we get to the point of the sublime. Without the incessant broadcasting of advertising and Hollywood news imagery what would you deem important? Would sending off your children to war be appropriate? Without a quick hip shake and sound bite would the important matters of G-d, family, country and constitution become more studied and more revered?

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