Tuesday, September 13, 2005

State Sanctioned Fun

I have been reading a lot about how Hurricane Katrina showed the need for government. I say this is a completely wrong read on everything. What we actually need is a complete purge of our government. What we need is our own velvet revolution to oust all the incumbents and create a new third party.

What Katrina has showed us is that our Federal Government is now totally corrupt from top to bottom. No amount of money or investigative panels will do anything. No, I now agree with the conservatives, we need to starve the Federal Government. And, we need to replace all of them. In fact, I should run, and I would with the following plank; I will do what my constituents want and I will do it cheaper! I would be happy to be a Senator at 2/3 pay. As such I will make it easy and transparent to see what I have to vote on and how you want me to vote. In other words, I will represent you and not the lobbyists. Ok, enough of my dreams, and back to Katrina.

Would more money to the government help? NO!. These morons would just use it for more panels, more lobbyists, more pork and never would they really try to be frugal, efficient and competitive.

What do I receive from my Government besides a federally sanctioned protection racket? What do I get for my taxes? Health insurance? NO. Safe bridges, levees, and railroads? NO. Stupid inspections by the fascist pork of homeland security? YES. I say it is time to change our government. Yes it will be hard, but our future depends on it. How can we be a sustainable country when the corporations have complete control? Is that freedom? Shoot, if something is free and enjoyable, you know darn well our corporations/government will try to find a way to make it illegal, taxed or as a friend said recently... state sanctioned fun. YUK!!!! Where have we gone so wrong? Well trashing the gold standard during Nixon was a start.

Now we all have to pledge allegiance to the lie of 9/11. Perpetual war which means perpetual peace, which means perpetual income to the connected.

Well, at this point all I can say is buy gold.

Yes, I know I was all over the place today, but it's early, I have to go, and I needed to say something today.

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