Friday, November 14, 2008

The Obama Jubilee

It has been awhile since I have written. I decided to seek solace from the ruination of our great country from the elites who in my lifetime have killed Kennedys, started wars, engineered 9/11 and now finally their coup-de-grace of the Greater Depression.

Well one thing these evil son-of-a-bitched didn't see was the Internet. And God truly has his markings over that. Pure liberty as an example of greatness. It also dispels the notion of anarchy but that would be time for another one of my ramblings. Instead I will concentrate on the great wisdom of the Chinese.


So I am seizing this moment to offer the only solution to our great financial crisis that is affecting us all. And that would be the:

The Obama Jubilee !!!

A complete forgiveness of all debts. All. Now. Immediately. We aren't talking about hollow hope, we aren't talking about changes of retread tires. We are talking big, biblical, and heroic.

Next, we eliminate usury, the Fed, Fractional Reserve lending and fiat currencies. We tell the bankers, insurance men, and the elite to go .... themselves.

Done, prosperity for all. Real ownership of land. And a very bright blessed future.

I see no other way.

Well actually I do. I see real evil, followed by war and death in myriad forms. One would be the blessed path of God while the other of Satan.

I pray now for the Obama Jubilee.

What do you think? - j-


Barry W. said...

Funny, I guess great minds do think alike. Peter G. and I were talking about this last year before the election too. Jubilee is a great idea, and if the religious right doesn't like it you can just tell them it's in the bible.

Anonymous said...