Monday, May 23, 2011

What I would do if I was Mayor of Chicago!

Make me cut my hair!

Let's face it, it is time to cut, save and prosper again. Well no one likes to cut anything. After all, cutting hurts! And think of my zillions of hairs. Do you think they want to be cut? I mean we are all connected here. One large, complex organism where parts can feel the pain. However, I am also quite confident that my body will survive the cuts to my hair.

But what has this to do with my candidacy you ask?

Well it basically is a metaphor of what we have to do here in Chicago to prosper, grow and be a shining optimistic city by a beautiful pristine lake.

And, that is my goal for the city of Chicago.

I can hear you now, "Goals are great but how do you achieve them. You must have a plan... well do you?"

Well I do. Some parts of my plan will seem wacky others very commonsensical.

Here are the tenets of my plan.

1) Issue a Chicago silver coin of the realm. All city taxes can be paid in this coin. This will keep money in the city and will allow for other silver coins to be used. This will make our economy grow.

2) All RailRoads will be fined everyday until ALL, yes all means each and everyone, of their bridges and underpasses are completely repaired, redone, repaved and invested. This will generate revenue and will get our city infrastructure shaped up and some nice jobs too.

3) Allow the personal use and carry of firearms for people to protect themselves. The police need to work with and not against our citizens.

4) Let the new meter owners hire their own meter maids. This will make our own police look less like revenue collectors and more like public helpers. Attitude means a lot in a city. It will reduce the city budget and allow for more private workers to be employed.

5) All gas stations will have at least one service attendant to pump gas.

6) Create a transparent network of public access to the blue light camera system. Give tools to the public to help them police their own neighborhood. Allow for all crimes to be quickly reported by the public giving our police better tools to address crime.

7) Transparency of budget. A complete/anonymous budget will be prepared by every city department every year.

8) Sanctuary city. Immigration is vital to our youth as some of our population decide to have less children. However, this issue is one of economics, fear, and of course law. Our city will enforce immigration laws while providing facilitation for all to become legal and welcomed.

9) Reduce entertainment licenses and allow the underground arts to flourish. A city should be vibrant in the arts. Therefore you must allow the underground to grow and feed the new status quo.

10) Technological growth by leveraging our center, communications, commodities markets, rail and more.

11) Public transportation will be enhance by distributing it. There are plenty of cars in chicago with one person in them. Why not allow them to profit a bit if they take someone with them? As such we will search for a great technological way to allow distributed taxes to thrive. We will continue to invest to make all our existing Public Transportation systems spotless.

Well boom! There you have it, and I went up to 11 too!

So, as you contemplate the platitudes of the powerful elite, remember this and only this, if elected I will serve.

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