Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iRemember Steve

Steve Jobs Dies

It seems every generation has its sudden departure of a great man. When I was a young boy I remember JFK's assassination as affecting quite a bit of my parents generation. Or maybe it was Frank Sinatra. But Steve Jobs? He was one of us!

And so I cried. Yes, I shed tears for a man I never met. Yet, a man who has given me wonderful gifts. Gifts I have used to create, enjoy, dream and grow. Apple wasn't just my computer and Steve wasn't just another CEO. We are talking the matter to the anti-matter that was Bill Gates and Microsoft. Even Steve's last name was biblical, swelling up images of a young, small David slaying a Goliath with puck of a mouse. Heck, I even refer to Steve by his first name. I mean we were brothers in battle against all that was gaudy and complicated.

And now he is gone. Gone from the press, gone from the Toy Story, gone from Apple, gone from my life, my relationship with a man I never met. To watch Steve get thinner and thinner only made me realize my own mortality. How much I wanted to strive to think different. And to have a bankroll large enough to alter the English language and meet bankers with jeans and tennis shoes. He was the one. Yes Morpheous and Neo were cool, but Steve was real. A true American success story. I know, making all those fancy iThis and iThats in communist China might offend the true patriots, but in the NWO vernacular those were the rules he had to play by in order to succeed. And succeed he did. And he did it after giving up.

Ah what a sly move that giving up. And I paraphrase, "Get over it, Microsoft has won the desktop." And, then a few years later introducing the phone that changed an industry and the world. And now he is gone. I pray he is in heaven and has made his father proud. God bless Steve Jobs.

Oh, one more thing, you will be missed.

- j-

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Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs was a capitalist. Futhermore, a capitalist that exported thousands of jobs outside of the US, You are an iDope.