Monday, December 05, 2011

OWS should go to North Dakota

The OWS movement has proved at least one sure thing. It can mobilize people. With today's lazy, dance with the stars, sedated population, getting mobilized is a major political and communication advantage. With OWS energy and 'sticktuitiveness' combined with a focused and strategic opportunity could catalyze the progressive and libertarian movements to come together to create the third party that changes the political paradigm.

Here is how it could work. The OWS movement puts out a focused communiqué to mobilize its loose affiliation of members to go North Dakota. Yes, you heard me, North Dakota. Cold, barren North Dakota, home to the countries only State Bank and currently embroiled in a ballot initiative to ban property taxes.

Here is the strategy. Get OWS to not just occupy but to evangelize and motivate the voters to vote to ban the property tax and then to have it change the State Banks charter to no longer issue compound interest type loans.

This combined one-two punch would knock out two evils while also knocking sense into government and finance. Property taxes mean that no one owns their property except the government. This is not good. Eliminating them would simultaneously increase property values while giving homeowners about $3000 more to spend!

For a third bonus, the government offices supporting taxing property could be closed issuing a savings that could be better directed. Oh no! Think of the children! I can hear you say it now. Well let's think of the children! Let's prioritize taxes to benefit them first. Next the garbage, fire, water and protection services. After that, give us the ability to vote for a limited and expiring surtax.

Next we turn to the bank. North Dakota has the only state bank. This means the state can change its charter. It could force all loans for state based enterprises, mortgages, student loans, etc, be simple interest loans. Now this might have to be a bit more nuanced, but, I need to keep the ideas simple and powerful. Compound interest is the cause of all that is wrong.

So go OWS! I will even help you with my internet/app prowess.

It can be done.

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parrabuddy said...

Read your post with approval aqnd would encourage ALL americans to get behind this initiative !

When you visit my blogs you will see that i support the " Occupy Movement " and hope thatthey will remain peaceful in the face of the " Nazi Storm Trooper tactics "!

To see Trillions loaned to the Banks secretly whilst working Americans are dragged from their homes is sickening and encourages other countries to behave in the same shameful manner !

Reading of the Chinese behaving like this prior to the 2008 Olympics must have set some Banking Fraudsters to thinking that they could behave in like manner !

Hopefully " Occupy whatever Movements " will wake up the US public and there will be a resurgence of " OLd Fashioned Values " thus leading back to the " Land of the FRee , Home of the Brave " mentality that our grandparents knew in the early 20th century !